A chamoy candy shop with more Authenticity


Dulcito Loco recipes orginated from Teocaltiche Mexico is a town and municipality in the central-western Mexican state of Jalisco.


Our recipe were inherited but also developed by our grandmather as she will not only sell candy but also fabricated herself. She played a huge role in helping us develope our chamoy and our chile powder.

After she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer she was force to close her candy store after 1 year of battling and later passing away.

Many of her candy product contain TAMARINDO as her main ingredient. This why tamarindo is use throughtout our recipe especially our tamarindo paletas!!

Dulcito Loco!!

Dulcito LOCO first launch on MAY 22 2020 during the pandemic in Los Angles then later moving to Palmdale CA. Before our grandmather passed away we were able to delevope a chile pwoder that containe more of a chile flavor rather then a salty taste. All of our tamarindo candy for our paletas is made from scratch and by hand. Dulcito loco is becoming know for its new unique flavor with authenticity. We appreciate every purchase not only your supporting us but also helping us keep our grandmothers legacy alive!!